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Superior Truss & Panel has supplied the following AutoCAD Drawings for your engineering and architectural needs. Please review, print &/or download any of the following which may be helpful to you. Since structural forces deviate by project, we recommend that the architect or structural engineer for your specific project be consulted to provide structural calculations and to determine the project specific structural details. Consult us for specific job connection designs.

To View These Drawings On-Line you must have AutoCAD 14 (or equal)

 These are examples of the services which are provided by Superior Truss & Panel,Inc.

Wall Panel Header Design Details :


View AutoCAD Drawing 

ZIPPED Download File

Back To Back Header Detail BAC2BAC.dwg BAC2BAC.zip
Box Header Detail - Front To Front Header Studs With Stiffeners-Screws BOXPART.dwg BOXPART.zip
Box Header Detail - Front To Front Headers Studs - Welded DETAILC.dwg DETAILC.zip
Box Header Detail - Front To Front Header Studs No Stiffener - Screws MECHC.dwg MECHC.zip

Boxed Header Detail With Screws



               Download all wall panel zip files:  wallPanelHead.zip


Load Bearing Wall PanelAnd Shear Wall Details :

View AutoCAD Drawing 

ZIPPED Download File

Exterior Load Bearing Wall - Typical Extwall.dwg Extwall.zip
Typical Shear Wall Panel (A) SHORTWAL.dwg SHORTWAL.zip
Typical Shear Wall Panel (B) SWB.dwg SWB.zip
Shear Wall On Concrete Plank With Anchorage, Strapping & Bracing CLANK.dwg CLANK.zip
Horizontal CRC Bracing- Welded HBRACE.dwg HBRACE.zip
Horizontal CRC Bracing- Screws WBRACE.dwg WBRACE.zip

               Download all load bearing wall panel zip files:  loadWallPanel.zip


Wall Panel Miscellaneous Details :

View AutoCAD Drawing 

ZIPPED Download File

Shear Wall Floor To Floor Anchorage Connection With Structural Angle  ANCHOR.dwg ANCHOR.zip
Header Bottom Track Attachment Headcon.dwg Headcon.zip
King Stud Screwed To Track MSECTION.dwg MSECTION.zip
King Stud Welded To Track section.dwg section.zip
Shear Wall Welded Connection At Bottom Track SWBOTCON.dwg SWBOTCON.zip
Shear Wall Welded Connection At Top Track WSPTOPCON.dwg WSPTOPCON.zip
"C" Stud Floor Joist Framing With Stiffeners - Welded STIFFEN.dwg STIFFEN.zip
End Clip Endclip.dwg Endclip.zip

Download all wall panel miscellaneous zip files: wallPanelMisc.zip

For additional downloadable AutoCAD and PDF drawings from the "Steel Stud Manufacturers Association(SSMA)" web site, click on the following button: