• Light Gauge Steel Roof and Floor Trusses
  • Structural Load Bearing ‘C’ Stud Wall Panels With Sheathing
  • Corrugated Metal and Plywood Roof Sheathing
  • Design Build The Complete Building Structure Up To 6 Stories Made Of Light Gauge Steel Products Including Walls, Floors & Roof Structures
  • Fully Computerized Designs with detailed layout drawings
  • Convert existing or new projects from traditional structural framing materials to Light Gauge Steel Components
  • Design and Engineer structures to 5 stories in height using Light Gauge Steel Components.
  • Provide a Structural Stamp on all Light Gauge Steel Component designs.
  • One source for the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of the Light Gauge Steel Components.
  • Union fabrication and installation of our Design/Build System.
  • Budget pricing with value engineering solutions.
  • Experienced staff of Design/Build Engineers.
  • Design consultation, preliminary engineering and budgeting
  • Structural engineering services with stamps for all 50 states available
  • Assistance in evaluating the elements of Light Gauge Steel Structure including Walls, Floors & Roof Systems
  • Deliveries to all areas within 1000 miles of Chicago
  • Job site installation of all products including walls, floors & roof components, roof deck systems and erection of complete structural frames of buildings using load bearing light gauge ‘C’ studs
  • Our installation crews are very experienced in the proper installation techniques, bracing requirements, attachment details, shear wall anchorage of all our products



Ultra-Span trusses are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated utilizing the Aegis 7.0™ steel truss engineering software operated by Superior Truss & Panel’s engineering staff who quickly and accurately design and bid your roof framing structure. Our engineers convert the architectural plans into a completely designed and engineered roof structure including sealed engineered shop drawings for all 50 states.  Our bid typically includes the light gauge steel trusses and their complete installation.

Panelizing of structural load bearing ‘C’ stud exterior and interior walls consists of prefabricated door and window headers, king studs and shear wall bracing into sections with the track and studs that makeup the panel.  These panelized wall systems are most beneficial where repetition in types or size of panels exist.

Our engineers convert the architectural plans into a panel layout plan including the creation of individual panel and entire floor layout.  Each individual panel will specify all appropriated dimensions, size & gauge of materials, location of each stud, identification of all headers, bucks, braces, connectors and bridging. Stamped engineered panel drawings include determination of structural integrity of the wall.

Advantages of shop panelizing to the general contractor are:

  • Panel built in controlled environment
  • Panels can be built regardless of weather conditions
  • Exterior sheathing, plywood or EIFS finish systems can be factory applied
  • Panels can be made in advance of the project schedule date needed
  • Major advantage of shorten installation time enclosing the building quicker and with less field labor

Superior Truss & Panel offers complete installation services of all our products. With the ability to design, engineer and prefabricate our products, we are able to do so in such a manner that simplifies their installation providing savings to your project in terms of monetary as well as time frame of construction.

Our installation crews are very experienced in the proper installation techniques, bracing requirements, attachment details, shear wall anchorage, etc. of all products. They have available all necessary cranes, lifts and equipment to complete their installations. All OSHA and safety programs are strictly adhered to on all projects.

Design and engineering of a complete light gauge steel roof system including the following:

  1. Light gauge steel trusses
  2. Truss bracing
  3. Truss to bearing connections
  4. Roof deck structural support at eave edge, valley, hip and ridge transition planes
  5. Shear collection and transfer from deck through trusses into wall or bear structure below

Load bearing ‘C’ stud wall engineering to determine the size and gauge of materials required to carry the wind, floors and roof structure design loads including:

  1. Determine size, gauge and on center spacing
  2. Horizontal in stud bracing with cold roll channel
  3. Design of shear walls with ‘X’ bracing
  4. Through floor anchorage of shear walls
  5. Design of door and window headers