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Visit Loadmaster's Website at: http://www.loadmaster.net

Construction System:
Loadmaster is a roof deck construction system is integrally engineered for today's building industry and is specifically applicable to attachment onto light gauge steel roof trusses. Twenty-five years of engineering advancement has been developed for meeting every building design challenge.

Composite Engineering:
Each Loadmaster Roof Deck Assembly is engineered not only for the unique needs of each building design but to develop composite structural performance among components. Superior Truss & Panel will provide all engineering services necessary fromthe bearing plate up to include light gauge steel trusses and the Loadmaster roof deck system (see Services button for further information).

System Components:
The flexible interfacing of 105 components delivers well in excess of 5000 possible assemblies. Each component is engineered and designed for compatibility and complementary structural performance.

Twelve Configurations:
The Loadmaster system has twelve assembly configurations, derived from three original structures, with each having four options.  The three structures are "Basic" (Duraflex Mineral Board affixed tobar joist and corrugated steel decking),"Insulated" (Duraflex Mineral Board and insulation affixed tocorrugated steel decking on top of light gauge steel trusses or bar joist)and "Dual Board" (Duraflex Mineral Board (2 layers) with optional insulation affixed to corrugated steel decking on top of light gauge steel trusses).  Each of these structures can be warranted (from 10 to 40 years depending on components) nailable substrate for shingle, metal or tiled roofing. 

Over 5000 Assembles:
Over 5000 different assembly combinations are available within the possibilities developed from 105 component choices and the 12 assembly configurations. These will meet virtually all types of building designs, all model building code requirements and will function as a substrate for all types of roof covering.

Finest Quality Components:
Duraflex Mineral Board

At the heart of Loadmaster's superior performance is the unique Duraflex Mineral Board, manufactured to perform as an ideal and warranted substrate for virtually all types of roof covering.
  • Durable high density core
  • Dimensionally stable
  • 400 PSI compressive strength
  • Inorganic composition
  • Fire resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Permeable(Perm rating: 16 min.)
  • Fiberglass reinforced flexibility
  • UL listed
  • Compatible with all types of roof covering

High Performance Steel:
Loadmaster corrugated steel decking sections are engineered to provide the best cost/performance value and are manufactured to the industry's highest standards.
  • 80,000 to 33,000 psi ultimate yield
  • Polyester prime coat painted, galvanized, or both
  • Domestically manufactured
  • Precise quality
  • Meets Steel Deck Institute and AISI design criteria
High Performance Insulation:
Foam plastic insulations that resist moisture damage are utilized because of proven thermal, structural and fire resistant characteristics.
  • Polyisocyanurate Foam
  • Expanded Polystyrene Foam