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The owners of Superior Truss & Panel, Inc. started out in the construction industry as a commerical drywall and framing contractor almost 20 years ago. This ggives us a distinct advantage over our competitors, because we understand taht there is a difference between a detail paper and a detail that can be installed or built. We understand that the trailers need to be loaded in a order that does not require you to set your crane up 2 or 3 times to get the trusses where you need them. Unlike most of our competitors, we attach the truss-to-truss clips in our shop, provide all the framing members for corners and can provide a complete line of bent angles, truss spacers and oter accessories if needed.

Light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses
The specification and use of light gauge steel trusses has seen dramatic growth in the construction market.  Ever tightening building fire codes, especially for educational, long-term care, and hospital facilities is driving the demand for this growing economical roof structure framing solution.  Superior Truss & Panel can be the answer to your roof framing needs including our industry leading one hour, one layer of drywall ULŪ fire rated assemblies. We design, engineer, pre-fabricate, deliver and install (optional) light gauge steel trusses, mansards and canopies, with clear spans up to 100 feet. Check out the technical drawings of our light gauge steel trusses for more details.
Light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses
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Light Gauge Truss Structural Roof Systems!

Light Gauge Steel Floor Trusses
Many state and local building codes are rapidly changing to non-combustible structures for commercial and multiple family residential facilities.  If your project requires a non-combustible floor truss or if you are able to eliminate sprinklers within the floor truss, Superior Truss & Panel can be of assistance. Check out the technical drawings of our light gauge steel trusses for more details.

Light Gauge Steel Floor Trusses

Design/Build Structures
Superior Truss & Panel will design your building projects using Light Gauge Steel Components as the building structure. When Light Gauge Steel Components are incorporated in your building structure, we are able to provide you with an extremely cost-effective means of constructing buildings up to 6 stories in height. All the components used for the building structure are designed to your specifications and stamped by a Structural Engineer licensed in the State in which the project is erected. Our Design/Build System provides you with one source for the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of the Light Gauge Steel Components. Click here for more details.


Load Bearing 'C' Stud Wall Panels & EIFS Panels
Superior Truss & Panel designs, engineers, prefabricates, delivers and installs light gauge steel 'C' stud load & non-load bearing walls for the commercial and residential markets.  These panels are made to your specifications and can include door/window headers, gypsum / plywood sheathing, EIFS, siding, wood bucks, insulation inside headers, lengths to 50', heights to 12' 6", and delivered to your job site.  Your savings are from field labor costs, improved quality of wall construction workmanship and shortened job site framing time. We prepare all detailed wall panel layouts and can include structural engineering stamps for size, gauge, layout, connections and details. Check out the technical drawings of our load bearing wall panels for more details.
Load Bearing 'C' Stud Wall Panels

Loadmaster Roof Deck System
Loadmaster is a complete roof deck system composed of a corrugated metal deck, optional rigid insulation, and high performance Duraflex mineral board mechanically fastened to decking.  The system is installed on top of light gauge steel trusses or bar joist and is non-combustible, meets UL ratings, and is full warranted as a  nailable sub-strait for shingles. Check out the technical drawings of our Loadmaster roof decking systems for more details.
Loadmaster Roof Deck System

Residential Light Gauge Steel Framing
Superior Truss & Panel can provide you with your residential light gauge steel framing needs.  These include roof trusses and 'C' stud wall panels pre-fabricated for your job. We design, engineer, pre-fabricate, deliver and install (optional) load bearing 'C' stud wall panels with sheathing, EIFS or siding already attached. Contact Superior Truss & Panel for assistance with your next residential project.
Residential Light Gauge Steel Framing

Corrugated Decking And/Or Plywood Sheathing
Corrugated metal decking and/or plywood attached directly to light gauge steel trusses.  Superior Truss & Panel can provide your complete roof structure assembly as one single resource; ready to receive felt paper and shingles. We can provide structural engineered stamp drawings including eave, ridge & valley structural support and roof deck shear transfer for your roof decking to comply with building code or job requirements.
Corrugated Decking / Plywood Sheathing

Floor Panels & TradeReady Joists
Many Building codes and municipalities are now requiring the use of non-combustible floor systems. Aegis Metal Framing has an innovative floor joist called TradeReady. This Joist is similar to a Standard Cee stud floor joist except it holes in the joists every 4' for MEP trades to run there systems through. the Maximum opening in a 14" deep joist is a 10" round hole. Superior Truss & Panel, Inc. can build floor panels in lengths of 60' and widths of 12' with metal decking or plywood sheathing already attached to the panel at our shop. We can als ship the material loose to the jobsite. The floor system, whether panelized or shipped loosed comes fully engineered.

Curtain Walls
With the ever increasing cost of field labor and the assoicated insurances, why not try and reduce those costs and use tilt up prefabricated curtain wall panels. We can build panels up to 50' tall and 12' wide with special hooks on top of the p[anels to facilitate picking them up witha crane. All door and window openings come already framed out with the exterior sheathing applied, we can also apply EIFS or thing brick to the panels. For the general contrator or onwer developer, why not cut your exterior wall enclosure time by half?