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Superior Truss & Panel, Inc. is the largest fabricator & erector of light gauge steel trusses, floor trusses and load bearing wall panels in the United States. Our first truss was manufactured in 1993 when light gauge steel trusses were made only of traditional ‘C’ studs and independent structural engineering firms were used to design and engineer the truss system. The truss business continued to grow driven mainly by changes in building and fire codes to noncombustible building materials.

In 1996, we entered into an agreement to become a licensed fabricator for the patented light gauge steel truss system called ‘TrusSteel’ manufactured by Alpine Engineered Systems. Our volume rapidly grew and we became Alpine’s largest domestic fabricator. In July of 1999 after an extensive software technical review and detailed cost comparison between the ‘TrusSteel’ system by Alpine and the ‘UltaSpan’ light gauge steel truss system manufactured by MiTek Industries, Inc., we decided to change to the ‘UltraSpan’ system by MiTek.

Our analysis concluded that the ‘UltaSpan’ system is more engineering design flexible, easier to manufacture, easier to install and provided a significant cost advantage to the building owner.

Our corporate headquarters operates out of a 92,000 square foot building on 10 acres of land located in Markham, Illinois with easy access to all major interstate systems. This facility allows ample space to manufacture trusses and wall panels simultaneously with storage space for finished products waiting for their scheduled delivery and installation. In the continual effort to provide the highest level of service at the least possible cost, we utilize our own transportation fleet with CDL drivers as well as providing two truck cranes for loading and installation services.

Since 1996 we will have designed, engineered and manufactured approximately 1,000 buildings, with 165,000 individual roof trusses, ranging in size from small canopies to large complex roof structures with the largest single project of $1,725,000. Also since 1996 approximately 80 light gauge steel load bearing wall panel buildings were designed, engineered and manufactured primarily for hotel, nursing homes and office buildings with the largest being 3 1/2 miles of wall panels for one apartment complex. Our installation crews installed a large percentage of these projects. The core of our technical support is comprised by 10 engineer / design professionals who are highly trained and utilize state of the art computer aided engineering systems to design and engineer all of our roof trusses, floor trusses and load bearing wall panel systems.

This department is responsible for all estimating, bidding and shop drawings for all projects. Mike Goncher, Vice President of Design & Engineering, heads this engineering department.

As of January 2006 our manufacturing function has 50 full-time employees who manufacture and deliver the trusses and wall panel products required by our customers for their construction projects. Bryce Welty, Vice President of Sales & Manufacturing, along with Marc Richardson, Manufacturing Mangaer, are in charge of this function.

Our full-time journeymen carpenters installation crews are thoroughly trained in the installation techniques of trusses, wall panels and light gauge steel framing. These installation crews routinely travel to any project site within 1000 miles of Chicago and are managed by Dennis Pleckham, Vice President of Field Operations.

Our significant growth and expansion has come mainly from repeat satisfied customers who receive free design and budgeting assistance as well as thoroughly engineered and installed truss and / or wall panel systems. Our primary philosophy is to be provide the highest level of technical and installation service at the lowest price in the industry. All marketing functions are handled by Bill Welty, President. All sales and design build services are handled by Bryce Welty, Vice President of Sales & Manufacturing, and Bob Buckley, Sales Manager.