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Superior will typically include in our proposal for trusses a separate price for:

  1. Prefabricated trusses, with engineering, transportation, clips and bracing
  2. Complete installation of the trusses
  3. Provide and install metal decking and/or plywood sheathing on top of the trusses.

Proposals for wall panels are typically created to provide the services and products required for the specific job site including complete installation services but can include:

  1. All exterior & interior load-bearing walls complete with engineering, shear walls, anchorage, headers and exterior sheathing
  2. All interior light gauge steel wall framing
  3. All floor framing using light gauge steel products along with floor decking and all engineering
  4. Compete rough framing of the entire structure using light gauge steel products including all walls, floors and roof structure with all design, engineering and complete installation.

Yes, available for your use are 1 hour and 1 ½ hour UL fire rated assemblies P521 and P523 for roof trusses and G540 and L549 for floor trusses. These fire rated assemblies are available for review and down loading from the “Technical Details” button within this website.

Light gauge steel trusses tend to cost more than wood trusses by 20 to 40% because wood trusses are fabricated in a manner which is highly automated. Light gauge steel trusses require a large amount of manual labor in the fabrication process, therefore causing the completed cost to be greater than wood trusses. As the industry finds improvements in automation and other cost reduction techniques, the price of steel trusses will decrease and will be more competitive with wood trusses. However, the current use of light gauge steel trusses are used primarily to satisfy non-combustible building code requirements, which cannot be satisfied with wood trusses.

Trusses: From date of the order and receipt of a full set of plans for a 20,000 SF of roof surface, shop drawings will take 3 weeks (add 1 day for every 5000 SF), review and approval of 2 weeks and then fabrication time of 2 weeks (add 1 day for every 5000 SF) for a total lead time of 7 to 8 weeks for delivery. Our busiest time of the year is August through December during which time fabrication time may be extended beyond 2 weeks. The creation of shop drawings is contingent on the receipt of all information required to design the roof structure including all appropriate dimensions, bearing locations and elevations, all loading requirements, etc.

Wall Panels: From the date of order and receipt of plans, dimensions, rough openings, loadings, etc., shop drawings typically take 6 weeks for preparation for a 3-story building. The design and engineering of the complete structure involves considerable time commitment to create all the details for the walls and floors of the structure. From a scheduling point, please provide 8 weeks for shop drawings and approval, 3 weeks for fabrication and 2 weeks for installation of each floor of the building. Yes, this schedule can and has been shortened considerably including use of multiple fabrication shifts and multiple installation crews. Please call for input in to a schedule for your specific project and its requirements.

Superior Truss & Panel’s light gauge steel trusses can be designed and engineered to clear span 100 feet with a common truss at 24″ OC spacing, flat bottom cord and normal loads. Superior’s engineering department can also solve difficult areas within a buildings roof system by incorporating structural steel trusses with light gauge steel trusses into the roof design to solve problem areas.

The dimensions on the drawings are read in “Feet – Inches – Sixteenths” (example is 20-8-15 = 20 feet, 8 inches, 15 sixteenths of an inch)

The light gauge steel truss manufacturer should typically provide the truss to bearing attachment detail to all bearings used within the project including masonry, blocks, structural steel, poured concrete, steel studs, etc. including the screws, pins, tap cons, or other fasteners that are required.

Superior Truss & Panel will provide a separate optional proposal for the complete installation of our prefabricated trusses. Superior performing the installation of the trusses will assure you that the trusses are installed per industry standards with one subcontractor being responsible for the manufacturing as well as the installation of the trusses. This will eliminate the job site problem of a framing or drywall subcontractor who is not familiar with truss installation. Superior will include all truss-to-truss anchorage, all truss to bearing anchorage, all construction bracing, all permanent web bracing and all required infill framing in our installation process. The industry standard for truss installation is identified by the publication “Field Installation Guide For Cold-Formed Steel Roof Trusses” published by the Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association.

Quality control and speed of installation. Superior Truss manufacturers our products in a controlled manufacturing facility. From approved wall panel shop drawings, our experienced production crews will build your panels to exact specifications including door & window headers, shear wall anchorage, X-bracing, horizontal stud bracing and exterior sheathing. Panels will be completed in advance of your need in the field and delivered on our own trailers to your job site. Field installation time is significantly shortened by helping to get your project weather tight to speed your construction project.

Unlike most wood truss manufacturers who use roll-off trailers or have cranes mounted on the their trucks, our trusses or wall panels arrive to the jobsite on flat bed trailers. Provisions need to be made by the installation contractor to unload the trailer with either a crane, with proper size spreader bar, or a forklift can be used for smaller trusses.

We can apply exterior gypsum sheathing, plywood, OSB, Dens-Glass, rigid insulation, Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (E.I.F.S.), Thin Brick Systems, Hardy Plank, or other requested finishes.

NO, unless approved in advance. Superior Truss is legally responsible for the engineering integrity of the light gauge steel truss system. Only Superior Truss can authorize field repairs in writing in advance. The required modifications or repairs are required to be documented by engineered, stamped truss modification drawings designed specifically for the modification or repair. If modifications or repairs are completed without approved stamped truss modification drawings, all truss warranties and support will be null and void and the party making such modifications or repairs will take full legal responsibility for the structural performance of the roof system.

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